RX for Brand Signage

Walgreens has over 8000 stores throughout the United States. With the addition of almost 200 stores a year, the needs for new branding signage and ongoing maintenance of existing signs is significant and Walgreens counts Icon as one of its trusted for over 80 years.

Icon provides on-call sign maintenance services for approximately 2,500 locations. Our program managers work directly with store managers to ensure responsiveness and quality including online order processing, real-time reporting, and immediate response.

Icon’s package services for new locations include “coming soon” banners, main pylon signs with electronic message boards and wall signs to establish brand presence and provide stores a finished look during the transition.

Icon’s real-time status reporting allow Walgreen’s management to understand the types of outages experienced, repair time and costs, and other customized metrics to anticipate and preempt potential challenges. Icon also conducts ongoing night surveys to recognize and fix any issues, often before a store manager is even aware of them.

Walgreen’s resource performance ratings, from permitting through installation, ranks Icon as one of its top partners for effectively and efficiently maintaining its brand while maximizing its facility-branding resources.