The Pantry/Kangaroo

LED conversion of over 500 manual fuel price signs entailed extensive coordination with The Pantry, each of its fuel brands including Kangaroo, Exxon, Marathon, BP, Conoco, and Phillips 66, as well as LED Resources. The program included managing codes, the permitting process, and an aggressive 6-month execution schedule.

Icon was awarded 24 sites and started with comprehensive code checks, surveys and manufacturing drawings. The Pantry’s mandated criteria for the conversion was the use of existing signage cabinets and Icon developed a plan to adapt the cabinets to the distinct needs of each fuel brand. Icon then successfully installed the electrical runs and communication hardware, implemented the cabinet retrofits and installed the LED components.

The Pantry successfully completed the conversion program across its 510 stores within schedule and budget. Icon continues to be a trusted partner providing ongoing support for The Pantry with LED conversions, as well as remodeling initiatives for its convenience and petroleum stores.

Convenience Stores