Enduring Relationships

During a very fruitful long term relationship with National City Bank, Icon completed over 500 site rebranding projects. When the Bank was acquired by PNC, all of the properties required yet another rebrand.

Our prior collaboration with National City placed us in a prime position to implement the PNC conversion yet we still needed to demonstrate the value we would bring to the program. Our past performance and our positive and supportive relationship with the Bank’s facility managers, as well as our experience working with PMC’s branding design firm, established our credentials and validated our performance record. To specifically address the PNC conversion challenges we prepared a Facility Branding Audit™ and a plan for determining how the sites could be successfully converted within PNC’s timeframe.

Icon was awarded an initial complement of several hundred National City sites for conversion. Our response was received very favorably by the PNC team and Icon was named a PNC Preferred Partner. We have since successfully completed over 500 additional conversion sites and are currently involved in a number of Special Projects, Business As Usual and Refresh sites.