Mercy Hospitals

Preserving Brand Equity

The 31 hospitals and 300 clinics under the auspices of Sisters of Mercy Catholic Health Partners were wildly fragmented in their names, inconsistent in their brand identification and lacked continuity and connection between facilities. It was time to update their 40-year-old logo with a name and brand that could represent the entire healthcare system.

A major branding agency was engaged in developing the new brand and preserving brand equity and the legacy of the previous Catholic Health Partners logo while engaging each of the many facilities in support of the rebrand was paramount. Icon became an integral part of the brand transition team and the sole source signage supplier. Once the surveys, assessments, design, and documentation of the new identity were complete, Icon’s role was to translate the program for exterior and interior signage and environmental graphics.

Icon built prototypes to demonstrate the viability of the new logo and show the options for creative presentation. With Mercy’s approval, Icon developed the implementation timeline for the roll-out and embarked on the manufacturing and installation of the program. Icon’s exceptional program management team and full-facility branding capabilities gave Mercy the confidence to pursue an extremely aggressive implementation schedule.