Jiffy Lube

Gaining Control

Through 20 years of operations, Jiffy Lube never standardized their brand identity program. The proliferation of inconsistent logos and signage had significantly eroded the brand. Jiffy Lube determined a revitalized brand identity with controlled nationwide implementation was imperative.

Icon spearheaded the development process by working with Jiffy Lube’s brand designers to prototype various concepts. The result was a dramatic look engineered for affordability and flexibility. The major identity signs incorporated aluminum composite material (ACM) in panels that can be easily installed in a wide variety of settings. The product also carried a 10-year warranty.

The first phase of implementation included 250 company-operated sites throughout the U.S. Icon took responsibility for 60 locations in the Chicago and Philadelphia areas and within a week mobilized teams to conduct photographic surveys and prepare permit applications that would ensure the maximum signage for each site. Icon’s manufacturing and installation teams expeditiously completed the program ahead of schedule. Value engineering also reduced signage costs through design modifications while maintaining the highest functionality and quality standards.

The program’s performance exceeded all expectations for reducing costs, meeting timelines and driving additional business with a 3{3e4e542aa52f13d83fae3f2369f7d62666586bb68e8bb7bef67d3a42d9fe2a72} increase in daily car count and a 9{3e4e542aa52f13d83fae3f2369f7d62666586bb68e8bb7bef67d3a42d9fe2a72} increase in sales after re-imaging. After Icon’s successful participation in the corporate owned portion of the program, we were engaged to re-image 335 franchisee-owned sites.