Worldwide Implementation

The impetus for Citi to engage Icon was its total rebranding program capabilities that included implementing its new identity throughout the multitude of financial-services companies that make up Citi’s worldwide activities.

Collaborating with Citi’s marketing, procurement, and facility management departments, Icon conducted a system-wide Strategic Branding Assessment and developed the program’s budget.  On-site audits were performed at over 850 locations throughout the United States and in 12 additional countries. As part of the process, we interfaced with Citigroup’s brand identity design firm to develop and test prototypes.

Local codes, landlord requirements, and architectural constraints were factored into the implementation plan. Manufacturing was executed at Icon’s three regional plants to create efficiency and facilitate expedient delivery. Installation was accomplished with Icon’s network of self-perform crews.

Citi’s rebranding program initially identified 270 domestic locations for change and during the course of implementation 80 European sites were added. Icon completed the entire rebranding program without adjusting the originally scheduled completion date.