CHI Memorial

Rapid Rebrand

Catholic Healthcare Initiatives Memorial faced the challenge of converting a major hospital location in under eight weeks. Not only was CHI under time constraints, but the sign designs were still in development and the hospital still under construction. Getting this right was critical to building confidence in the new CHI brand.

CHI Memorial partnered with Icon to ensure this challenging project was delivered on time, on budget and the brand was represented as intended. Icon’s extensive experience with healthcare providers, expertise in efficient program management and ability to drive strong process flows, made this the ideal collaboration. Icon minimized risk and ensured success by dedicating on-site managers to oversee all activities at the hospital to avoid disruptions, immediately resolve issues and maintain safety. This was particularly important in sensitive areas such as emergency departments and patient rooms. Key cost and schedule reduction strategies included utilizing existing foundations and power supplies.

Icon was able to execute the CHI Memorial rebrand on time, budget, and brand by careful planning, experienced project management, large manufacturing capacity and dedicated on-site resources. Icon reaffirmed its leadership in healthcare rebrandings by completing this project in record time and exceeding all of CHI’s expectations.