Advocate Children’s Hospital

Bringing Out The Best

Advocate’s goal while re-imaging their children’s hospital was to create a welcoming, child-friendly family environment. Advocate’s large scale marketing campaign was centered around their colorful new mascots, The Get Well Pals. To execute their plan, Advocate chose Icon to create flawless digital graphics and seamlessly manage the program from concept to completion.

Visually Appealing

The main objective for Advocate was to display their colorful new mascots, The Get Well Pals, around the hospital campus. This included strategic placement of directional and way-finding signage, as well as brightly colored and welcoming interior graphics throughout.

Icon’s tenured program management team was thrilled to work on such a diverse signage program. Not only was Icon able to simplify a complex way-finding system for patients and visitors, but they were also able to showcase their distinct digital printing capabilities throughout the campus. Icon partnered with Advocate’s design firm and hospital personnel to ensure the The Get Well Pals program was designed effectively. Icon knew the collaboration with Advocate’s team was a critical step in developing the graphics program and ensuring the new mascots were displayed prominently and functionally throughout the hospital’s exterior and interior.

The Get Well Pals program was extremely successful. Icon was able to complete the program on time and within budget, all while implementing graphics that created a comfortable environment for the patients.